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Cleaning Facts Tips provides the best articles, guides and tips for cleaning including household cleaning, clothes, shoes, computer equipment and appliances, cars and boats. It also includes personal cleaning tips such as body washes, shampoos and conditioners. The articles and tips are written by our team of qualified cleaning experts. The emphasis here is on homemade remedies and green cleaning products that avoid the use of harsh and hazardous chemicals. It is no understatement that cleaning is next to godliness and have things clean helps to keep you positive and productive.

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See the List of Articles to find topics that interest you.

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Introduction to Green Cleaning Methods with Fabulous Tips to Start

Use Commercial Green Cleaning Products or Homemade Ones

Conventional cleaning means that you will live in a haze of hazardous chemicals day and night. When you are cleaning you will be exposed to high dozes of chemicals that are known to be toxic and a health hazard. Now there are many green alternative on the supermarket shelves and you can also order them online. They may be slightly more expensive but certainly worth it in the long run.

Avoid Contaminants that Pollute the Air in your Home

The air inside a home or office may become more toxic than the air outside. This is because of the accuumlation of toxic materials and substances from plastics and chemicals that people use around the house for various purposes. There is nothing like fresh air and good circulation

Take Specal Care with so-called Antibacterial Cleaners

Many of the so called antibacterial and anti-fungal 'cleaners' don't do what they say they do and do not clean as well as soap and water. The treatment may make thing worse by promoting microbial resistance. It is best to avoid the likelihood that bacteria and microbes will proliferate by replacing clothes and sponges regularly or boiling them. Care is needed to avoid contamination or fresh vegetables and salads eaten rare by uncooked meats, especially chicken.

Design you House and Work Areas and Renovate Easy-clean in Mind

Designing houses and renovating with cleanability in mind can ensure the work spaces that are cleaner all of the time and are easier to keep clean.

Green Cleaning Tips

1. Clean your microwave with lemon - Place several slices of lemon in a bowl of water and microwave on high for two minutes. Food baked onto the sides of the oven will simply slide away or can be easily removed.

2. Vacuum your dog - Vacuum attachments like the Dyson Groom Tool can be used to remove loose hair directly from your dog. This avoids having to remove the hair from your furniture.

3. Hire a Professional Cleaner once a Quarter - This allows you to reset and not be overwhelmed.

4. Squeegee the shower screen after ever shower or once a day - This stops mould in its tracks and avoids a very difficult cleaning job..

5. Wipe your phone regularly with small moist towels - Research shows the average mobile phone is very dirty indeed and is contaminated with bacteria and microbes. Use a moist towel to gently wipe away germs and other contaminants.

6. Clean walls with melamine or magic erasers - These powerful sponges that are widely available will readily remove food stains and scuff marks from your walls, without damaging the paint.

7. Make stainless steel really shine using baby oil - Wash they fridge, oven and other appliances with warm soapy water. Then polish gently with baby oil. This will restore the shiny finish which is essential for stainless steel surfaces that otherwise look drab.

8. Use rubber gloves on your hands to remove pet hair from furniture - The pet hair will stick to the gloves, almost like magic.

9. Clean your blender by blending soap and water - Fill your blender with a small amount of hot water and a dash of detergent or some bar soap. Run the blender to clean the internal surfaces that can be hard to clean in other ways.

10. Use detergent to remove oil stains from clothes and upholstery - Rub a little detergent into the stains before you put them through the wash or wipe down with a damp cloth. The detergent will help to remove the grease.

11. Rent a carpet cleaning machine - This is much cheaper than using a professional carpet cleaning service. Trying to clean carpets without a machine is hopeless.

12. Use baking soda and vinegar as oven cleaner, kitchen surface cleaner and in the bathroom - Make a thick paste using baking soda and water. Coat the inside of your oven with the paste and leave overnight. The next morning, while wearing gloves use a cloth soaked in vinegar to scrape off the baking soda and baked on residue. Sprinkle baking soda over surfaces to be cleaned and spray or wipe with vinegar. The chemical reaction will help the cleaning process.

13. Clean dirt away with baby wipes - These mini-towels have an amazing ability to clean almost anything - shoes, clothes, upholstery and many dirty surfaces.

14. Use a toothbrush to reach in and scrub remote spots - The humble toothbrush is a perfect mini-brush for getting to hard to get area in nooks and crannies.

15. Use vinegar as a general purpose mould remover - Dilute four parts vinegar with one part hot water. Using gloves, scrub the surfaces with a micro-fibre cloth.

Seven Fabulous Green Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom

1. Use eco-friendly green cleaning tools made from natural fibres that are re-usable and washable.

2. Removing soap scum using baking soda and vinegar or dish washing liquid .

3. Use a Homemade All-purpose spray instead of the chemical ones for cleaning sinks, work surfaces, appliances, toilet seats, taps and bench tops. Mix the juice of a lime and a lemon into a cup of vinegar and one cup of water. Add the liquid to a spray bottle. For stubborn grime allow the sprayed surface to react for 5 – 10 minutes before scrubbing off.

4. Use vinegar to clean and prevent mould developing. Allow to soak on the surface before scrubbing off.

5. Steam cleaning is a great green wasy to clean without using chemicals.

6. Clean tiled floors with baking soda plus warm water to which is added vinegar or lemon juice. Mop your floors as usual, flushing regularly.

7. Use hot vinegar as a last resort cleaner especially in combination with baking soda.